Contact us to set up your grooming appointment today! 

Requirements for Grooming: proof of vet vaccines(rabies and DHPP) and your dog must be up to date on heartworm, flea, and tic medication. Vet records can be texted, emailed, or brought to us physically. 

Extra Large Dogs (90+ lbs or Breed)

  • Shampoo Bath & Dry $55.00
  • Nails $13.00
  • Ear Cleaning $5.00
  • Ear Pluck $5.00
  • Teeth Brushing $5.00
  • Haircut $45.00
  • De-Shed $45.00

Medium & Large Dogs (30+ lbs, or Breed)

  • Shampoo Bath & Dry $25.00
  • Nails $13.00
  • Ear cleaning $5.00
  • Ear plucking $5.00
  • Teeth brushing $5.00
  • Haircut $22.00
  • De-Shed $22.00

Toy & Small Dogs (-30lbs, or Breed)

  • Shampoo Bath & Dry $20.00
  • Nails $13.00
  • Ear Cleaning $5.00
  • Ear Plucking $5.00
  • Teeth Brushing $5.00
  • Haircut $20.00
  • De-Shed $20.00

Order a “full groom” for a better price! This is for Toy & Small Dogs only. 

IF YOU ORDER A FULL GROOM, YOUR COST COMES TO $50.00 (bath, dry, nails, ears, teeth, haircut or de-shed = full groom).

The anal gland service is a separate charge at $20.00 per dog 

Additional Price Info: We may charge your grooming appointment by breed OR by weight. This is up to the groomer upon the arrival of your dog. There is also a mat fee based on the TIME that is takes the groomer, this fee is $20.00 per 30 minutes if you do not choose our shave option. However, some matting is so bad the dog MUST be shaved. If your dog has any behavioral issues, we may charge a $10.00 aggression fee, or the groomer may refuse or only partially finish the groom. 

For scheduling, we typically are booked about 8 weeks out. You can text or call us to set up an appointment.