Meet Heather & Caleb

Heather started Top Dog Training LLC as a dog trainer in 2016 when she was 16 years old. Back then, she was a sole proprietor. By 2019, she got an apartment and started Top Dog Training LLC along with a part time job. 

At the end of 2019, she moved to Boonville. In 2021, covid caused all of Heather's clients at that time to pause from using her training. Due to this, she had to get a full time job elsewhere. 

Despite covid, Heather knew that pursuing Top Dog Training LLC was what God had in store for her. So she left her full time job and let everything rest on this decision in 2022. Soon after, her and Caleb met and got married. 

Once Caleb joined the team, they added Quality Boarding and Daycare. Properly caring for dogs is something the two deeply care about. With this, they purchased the building that Top Dog resides in now and added Grooming as a service. 

Now, they look to expand and improve the property further. Top Dog Training LLC has also found quite a few employees- who also love and care for the dogs as much as Heather and Caleb. God has blessed this business in more ways than we all could have imagined!