In-Home Dog Training

Meet Heather,

Heather is our trainer here at Top Dog.
She offers two forms of training: behavioral and obedience for pets. Each session is $50.00 (for Boonville city limits). Training is one on one and comes to you. We currently do not train at our facility. 

If your dog does not have any underlying behavioral issues, she can usually complete the fundamentals of behavioral and obedience in 1-3 lessons. You will need to text or call us to schedule a session to come up with your personalized training plan! If your dog is showing any underlying behavioral issues, such as anxiety or aggression, it is important to share this with your trainer. 

Heather has limited availability and will only take certain training cases. Text or call us to find out if Heather is a good fit for you. 

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Behavioral Defined - the way a dog acts without commands. Example: Jumping, barking, nipping, ect. 

Obedience Defined - the dog’s ability to obey commands. Example: sit, come, down, ect. 

Each lesson is an hour long and costs $50 per session. (Gas fee applied depending on location.)

Top Dog Training is fully insured! No need to worry about your four-legged friend!